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Newsbook Limited has been a licensed ISP and providing full Internet services to clients with years' experience. Through our servers located in Hong Kong, we have 300Mbps ATM connection (faster than 200 T1 leased lines) to the HKIX and the international Internet backbones. Our price, bandwidth and service quality are rated the best ISP Web Hosting in Hong Kong by world-known Enterprise Association. We have grown to become one of the biggest - fifth B2B ISP in Hong Kong as reported by Singtao Newspaper PC Market (ref: PC Market 329 issue, 17th Nov., 99).

Founded in 1998, Newsbook Limited is an Internet service provider spun off from the Times Agency. The company has been licensed the reseller status of the American network pioneer Cisco System. Newsbook Limited uses these innovative broadband network technologies and multimedia applications in the operations of Internet Exchange. Mission Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art services and technology to the benefit of Internet community in Hong Kong. We believe that through our high capacity Internet exchange functions and application software, interactive multimedia services can be provided in an open and cost effective manner.

*Extremely fast ATM backbone connection in Hong Kong
*Experienced networking and technical staff
*Smart and adaptive co-operation mentality
*Well-equipped and stable Data Center
*High quality networking equipment
*Strong consulting and application development capability